University of Aveiro iBiMED Node

Facility manager: Sandra Isabel M. P. Vieira, PhD.


The University of Aveiro Node routinely serves research groups enrolled in the Biomedicine and Health Sciences scientific domains, with a central focus on ageing and related diseases. Included are the Neurosciences and Signalling Group, the Biology of RNA Group, the Organelle Dynamics in Infection and Disease, the Signal Transduction Group, and the Clinical Research Group. Two laser scanning confocal and two epifluorescence inverted microscopes are the core equipment of the Node, whose main bioimaging methodologies include IF/subcellular (co)localization, time lapse, FRET, FRAP and FLIM. The Node offers expertise in areas such as e.g. molecular and cellular basis of AD and other neuropathologies; biology of the RNA and evolution of the genetic code; peroxisomes and mitochondria dynamics in pathologies and viral infections; protein phosphatases in human reproduction and diseases.



Sandra Vieira (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.+351 234 370 200 - ext. 22161 (Office); ext. 22121)






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