18 - 22 June 2018 | i3S, Porto

Fundamentally practical, this course aims introducing the participants in experimental design, image acquisition, image and data analysis for high throughput (HT) experiments. These are essential skills when generating massive amount of imaged-based data in the biosciences field. Lectures will be given by specialists in the field and participants will learn how to use state of the art technology for HT experimentation and open-source software for image and data analysis. Attendants will get acquainted with use of automated liquid handling equipment and high content (HC) imagers such as IN Cell Analyzer (HCS microscope) and ImageStream (imaging flow cytometer). Interaction with HTS/HCS specialists will be fostered due to the restricted amount of participants.

Registration Deadline: 4th June 2018

MORE INFO & REGISTRATIONS: https://www.ibmc.up.pt/events/upcoming-events/high-throughput-screening-and-image-analysis-biosciences

10th Course on Optical Microscopy Imaging for Biosciences

9-13 April 2018 | i3S, Porto, Portugal

i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação | Porto, Portugal


The 10th edition of the Course on Optical Microscopy Imaging for Biosciences offers to the participants a comprehensive and intensive light microscopy course, that
explores the fundamentals of light microscopy including the optical contrast techniques and fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, it also focuses in advanced light microscopy techniques such as laser scanning confocal microscopy, TIRFM, super-resolution methods, live cell imaging, molecular analysis and quantitative applications and will include an introduction to digital image analysis.
Lectures will be taught by specialists in microscopy and practical sessions supported by the major microscopy companies.

Introduction to digital image analysis with ImageJ / Fiji

19-21 September, 2017 | i3S, Porto, Portugal

With the advent of digital era, nowadays images are multidimensional numerical data that can be processed and analyzed quantitatively to extract more information. ImageJ/Fiji open source software (imagej.net/) is a powerful tool available to process and analyze digital images. Moreover, it also allow the automation of image analysis with custom macros and plugins. With this course we intend to give a general introduction to ImageJ/Fiji, show how to use it to extract quantitative data and how to write simple macros. This course will be focused in the analysis of light microscopy images, but is targeted to all people engaged in research, that wants to start using ImageJ/Fiji for image analysis in general.

For more informations please visit https://www.ibmc.up.pt/events/upcoming-events/introduction-digital-image-analysis-imagej-fiji


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