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NEUBIAS - Training School for Bioimage Analysts

Oeiras, Portugal

Feb. 12-15, 2017

The aim of the course is at increasing the knowledge and the technical capability of bioimage analysts for improving their analysis quality. We expect that the participants are already fluent with at least one programming / scripting language and working on bioimage analysis in their daily life. Our plan is to ask developers of various image analysis tools to tell us how to access API of those tools, and to experience construction of workflows using available resources. 

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EMBO practical course on 3D Developmental Imaging

30 June – 08 July 2018 | IGC, Oeiras, Portugal


This 9-day practical course is great for young researchers working in developmental biology (grad students & post-docs or young PIs), who need to image in 3D morphogenetic processes in vivo (animals & plants). Applicants are required to submit a mini-project to carry out during the course, and are encouraged to bring their own samples; we provide a full wetlab with conditions to maintain YOUR embryos! Students can expect to learn how to image their embryos with confocal, two-photon, light-sheet and optical tomography (expected >10 different systems available! lectures also on x-ray micro-tomography and 3D EM), and also 3D image analysis & publication with free (ImageJ, Drishti and others) and commercial software (eg Huygens and Imaris).

The course has several excellent guest speakers and commercial partners, and is hosted by the Advanced Imaging facility at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencias in Oeiras, Portugal. It is a very intense, but also informal course where everyone is encouraged to work long hours, get own results, exchange knowledge, tips, tricks and know about best practices in 3D imaging.

We are looking for 16 highly motivated students to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The registration fee INCLUDES meals, course materials, hotel and local transport, all made possible by generous sponsorship from EMBO, the Gulbenkian Institute and our commercial partners. EMBO provides in addition a limited number of travel grants for candidates from Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey and Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan.


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10th Course on Optical Microscopy Imaging for Biosciences

9-13 April 2018 | i3S, Porto, Portugal

i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação | Porto, Portugal


The 10th edition of the Course on Optical Microscopy Imaging for Biosciences offers to the participants a comprehensive and intensive light microscopy course, that
explores the fundamentals of light microscopy including the optical contrast techniques and fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, it also focuses in advanced light microscopy techniques such as laser scanning confocal microscopy, TIRFM, super-resolution methods, live cell imaging, molecular analysis and quantitative applications and will include an introduction to digital image analysis.
Lectures will be taught by specialists in microscopy and practical sessions supported by the major microscopy companies.