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5th EMBO practical course on "3D Developmental Imaging"

IGC, Oeiras

July 1-9, 2016


We would like to announce the 5th edition of the EMBO practical course on "3D Developmental Imaging" which will take place in Portugal at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, July 1st-9th 2016. This year we have an exciting programme with several experts on 3D imaging of embryos, covering techniques such as confocal, multiphoton microscopy, microCT&MRI, light-sheet and optical tomography.

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NEUBIAS - Training School for Early Career Investigators

Oeiras, Portugal

Feb. 12 – 15th, 2017

  • Principles, techniques and ethics of digital image processing
  • Enhancement & processing of bioimages for analysis and publication
  • Building practical workflows with free GUI tools to analyse 2D, 3D & time-lapse bioimages
    (using trainees’ own images requiring eg. object segmentation and densitometry, spot detection & tracking or filament/tube tracing)
  • Introduction to workflow automation (record and reuse commands/pipelines)
    • NOTE – the focus of the ECI TS is on workflows with GUI tools, so it is not the ideal course for researchers who are already advanced into image analysis or are interested mostly in learning scripting or ij macro language! NeuBIAS will organize other Training Schools with that emphasis.
  • Extracting and validating quantitative numerical data from bioimages/data mining
  • Solve your own IA problem, create your workflows, explore different tools!

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