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About PPBI


PPBI - the portuguese platform of bioimage is a common functional platform dedicated to promoting the technical integration and centralized management of shared resources in bioimaging.

Organized as a consortium of top research universities and institutes in Portugal, the PPBI services focus on advanced microscopy and processing/analysis of images in the life-sciences, from cell & developmental biology, neurosciences, oncobiology, immunology, infection and regenerative medicine.

Currently PPBI consists of 15 Nodes distributed by 3 regional poles (DOURO & MINHO, MONDEGO & BEIRAS, TEJO & ALGARVE), comprising more than 100 high-end equipment resources supported by PhD. experts in bioimaging.

Access to PPBI resources and services is open to all scientific community, as well as industry.

PPBI also wants to boost collaboration between researchers, institutions and industry to strengthen both basic and applied research, matching high-impact R&D projects with state-of-art bioimaging resources and expertise. Through shared coordination, strategic investments, and efficient allocation of resources, PPBI wants to give access to cutting-edge technological resources to national researchers, create conditions to attract international researchers and integrate Portugal in the international BioImaging roadmap.

PPBI nodes provides a wide variety of services in bioimaging, including access to imaging equipment,to wet lab and sample preparation equipment, cluster access for computation and data storage, image analysis and training (courses and workshops, online tools). This infrastructure also offers support of animal facilities (model and non-model organisms) and equipment operation, consulting and project planning, technology development and outreach activities.