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MICC-CNC – Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra @ CNC 

Head: Luisa Cortes, PhD.


The Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra (MICC) is an open infrastructure which primary goal is to enhance the research and teaching environment, as well as, to offer high standard microscopy services to both the academic and industrial communities. The MICC-CNC setups are prepared for advanced applications, including imaging of fixed and live cells or tissues, enabling researchers to image dynamic events and molecular interactions. The MICC-CNC also provides ongoing education in theory and practice by organizing trainings courses and workshops, as well as, it is involved in several outreach events.




Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology
University of Coimbra
Rua Larga
Faculty of Medicine, Pólo I, 1st floor
3004-504 Coimbra
Phone: (+351) 239 820 190