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Spanish and Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting

6-8 November 2019 | Convento de São Francisco - Coimbra



Dear Colleagues,


We are delighted to invite you to SPAOM2019, the 3rd edition of the Spanish and Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting (also 5th edition of the REMOA meeting), to be hosted for the 1st time in Portugal, in Coimbra, on November 6-8, 2019.


SPAOM2019 is an international meeting, now annual, powered by the Iberian imaging community (REMOA in Spain and PPBI in Portugal) aiming to approach any aspect of Imaging in Life Science research. The meeting features a 3-faceted format: talks, industry workshops and the special community workshops.

The organizers have strived to elaborate a balanced meeting, please check our scientific program:


Registration is now open to participants, please note the following key dates (

  • Abstract submission for oral communications deadline: August 31st.
  • Registration, Early Bird: July 31st.
  • Poster submission until: 15th October.
  • Registration Deadline: 30th October.


Finally, while we already thank the many sponsors who support the meeting, there are still opportunities for industry partners to participate, contact us promptly.



We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Coimbra,


On behalf of the organizing committee,

Best greetings,


Luisa Cortes,

Main organizer




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Tissue Environment in Health and Disease Symposium

08-10 October 2019 | Lisbon



The 2019 Champalimaud Research Symposium Tissue Environment in Health and Disease will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from the 8th to the 10th of October 2019. The Symposium will address how intrinsic and extrinsic environments impact on tissue homeostasis and will take the form of a scientific meeting, with 17 invited speakers, several talks selected from abstracts and poster sessions. We are delighted that Professor Elaine Fuchs and Professor Richard Locksley kindly agreed to be our keynote lecturers, heading a diverse list of distinguished speakers.

The topic will be highlighted from different angles and include discussion on the homeostatic mechanisms that underlie inflammation, injury, ageing and oncogenic transformation in different tissues of our body. Invited speakers will therefore cover aspects from immunology, cell signaling, genetics and tissue regeneration in different model organisms.
The Symposium will be held at our Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on the waterfront in central Lisbon. We expect that the unique venue, together with an exciting list of invited speakers, will foster a lively and stimulating scientific meeting.





 More info:







Scientific Community Image Forum


This forum’s focus is software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, particularly (but not limited to) image analysis, processing, acquisition, storage, and management of digital scientific images. The primary objective is to foster independent learning for everyone in the community.


More info at