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Bioimaging Centre for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies – b.IMAGE

Head: María Gómez Lázaro, Ph. D.


We bring together a set of solutions for in vitro and in vivo imaging to advance in the development, improvement, integration, and use of bioimaging solutions through research, technology development, training and education with a focus on the fields of Biomaterials, Nano- and Regenerative Medicine in biology and medical science. The Bioimaging operates on the basis of core projects and programmes at the bioimaging/biomaterials and/or regeneration interface. Resources available for imaging of biological events at different scales include:
- at the molecular level: surface topography and force spectroscopy (atomic force microscopy); non-destructive chemical imaging (confocal Raman microscopy);
- at the cellular level: high-resolution multidimensional imaging for cells, tissues, biomaterials, functional imaging, live cell and high-throughput imaging (imaging flow cytometry and widefield and laser scanning confocal microscopy);
- at the organism level: in vivo anatomical and functional imaging for small animals (micro-ultrasounds and microCT).
We also provide support to researchers on project planning, experimental design, sample preparation, equipment operation, and optimization, as well as, image analysis. Support in image analysis is not restricted to training researchers in image analysis tools appropriate to their needs. We are also involved in the development of new algorithms and computational tools for image processing, development, and documentation of image processing libraries for workflows, and we cooperate in the planning of research projects/experiments to maximize results in subsequent image analysis.
Besides training for the users in operating the systems for their scientific goal, the Bioimaging also offers advanced workshops and participates in outreach activities.
All resources are available to the entire academic, scientific community and industry on a fee-for-service basis.



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