Bioimaging Centre for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies – b.IMAGE

Scientific Coordinator: Ana Paula Pêgo, PhD.


The b.IMAGE, part of the Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica,, is a center of competences aiming at the development, improvement, integration and use of bioimaging solutions through research, technology development and education, in the fields of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine. The b.IMAGE operates on the basis of core projects and programmes at the bioimaging/biomaterials and/or regeneration interface. We provide high quality in vitro and in vivo imaging equipment including: 

- micro-ultrasound for small animals (real-time acquisition of anatomical, functional, physiological and molecular information);

- confocal Raman microscope (non-destructive chemical imaging)

- imaging flow cytometer (image acquisition of cells in flow)

- atomic force microscope (3D topographic images, force spectroscopy)

- laser scanning confocal microscope (high-resolution optical image acquisition, FRAP,FRET, photo-switching, photo-activation)





Technician in charge for in vitro imaging: María Gómez Lázaro

Responsible for in vivo imaging: Diana Nascimento 

Responsible for Atomic Force Microscopy: Manuela Brás

Fluorescence microscopy: María Gómez Lázaro



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