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Bioimaging Facility - Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes

Head: José Rino, Ph. D.


The Bioimaging Facility acts as a support structure to help and nurture research done with Light Microscopy inside the institute. Besides managing resources, the Facility provides iMM scientists and visitors with excellence in scientific know-how and expertise in using light microscopy methods for their research. We assist in planning microscopy-oriented projects, choosing materials and equipment, analyzing experimental results, processing acquired images and presenting data. Together with continuous training of new users, we organize regular courses and workshops to introduce users to the most recent microscopy techniques and foster interactions and collaborations between microscopy users at the iMM. We have a vast expertise in functional imaging techniques, namely Widefield, Confocal (point-scanning, spinning disk), Lightsheet and Multiphoton microscopy, Live cell imaging, Intra-vital imaging, Automated long-term time-lapse imaging, Photobleaching (e.g. FRAP, FLIP) and photoactivation methods quantitative analysis, Intensity-based FRET methods (Sensitized Emission, Acceptor Photobleaching) and also develops image processing software tools for quantitative microscopy applications.



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Serviço de Bioimagem

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