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AIF - Advanced Imaging Facility

Head: Gabriel Martins, Ph. D.


The IGC's Advanced Imaging Facility focuses on imaging of biological events at all scales, ranging from the quasi-molecular level (with STORM, SIM, SRRF, TIRF super-resolution, and CLEM [Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy] in collaboration with the Electron Microscopy Facility), to cellular (widefield and confocal) and whole organ/organism with multiphoton, light-sheet, optical tomography and macro luminescence. The AIF is the core light imaging facility of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia but also offers services to outside groups or companies. The website provides information about the instrumentation, past and ongoing projects, in addition to several educational resources from technical instrumentation aspects to protocols. The facility also offers internal workshops on image analysis and organizes international workshops on 3D imaging and Image Analysis. The facility is located in the Bartolomeu Dias wing, and inquiries concerning the facility and its services may be directed to any of the lab's staff.

p class="blog">The AIF is also the home of the OpenSpin microscopy and OPenT projects, which you can learn more about here

More information about the systems available at IGC's AIF can be found here:



Equipment @ AIF



AIF Team Members




Electron Microscopy Facility

Head: Erin Tranfiel, Ph. D.


The Electron Microscopy Facility aims to provide centralized, high-quality electron microscopy technics and resources for all researchers at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. It is also our objective to collaborate with our institute, our country, and the scientific community to develop and improve techniques and overall knowledge concerning electron microscopy. We offer as well our resources to outside groups or companies, though charges may be applied in these cases. The Lab is located in Marco Polo Wing, and inquiries concerning the facility and its services may be directed to any of the lab's staff.



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