ALM - Advanced Light Microscopy@i3S

Head: Paula Sampaio, PhD.


The Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) is the scientific research platform of i3S dedicated to state-of the-art optical microscopy applications for biosciences. The applications available includes multidimensional (6D) imaging of cells and tissues, high speed live cell microscopy, molecular analysis techniques, in vivo microscopy and high-content analysis. The ALM provides access to advanced light microscopy systems as fluorescence widefield and laser scanning confocal microscopes, training in equipment use, scientific advisement in experiment planning, consulting and collaboration in research projects, and outreach activities. The research facility have an open-access policy and the resources are available to scientific community and industry



HEMS - Histology and Electron Microscopy Service

Head: Rui Fernandes, Ms.


The HEMS is centred on Transmission Electronic Microscopy (TEM) namely conventional Ultrastructure; immunoelectromicroscopy; elemental analysis – EDX; STEM; in situ hybridization; Autoradiography; training in tissue preparation, and Optical Microscopy namely criomicroscopy and paraffin embedding with the ancillary equipment. The equipment available to perform these techniques includes an  electron microscopes Jeol JEM 1400, Zeiss model EM 10C and model EM 902A with a SC1000 OriusTM CCD camera gatan, ultramicrotomes, and for optical microscopy: vibratome, freeze and paraffin microtomes, paraffin tissue processor and a modular embedding system.The Facility provides both the equipment and technical support to researchers needing high level optical and TEM to tackle studies either of cell or material sciences. Besides the instruction of researchers the Facility also offers training courses as well as guided visits to high school students. Currently the Facility is also engaged on workshops or exhibitions for the general public organized by the Office of Science Communication of the IBMC.




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