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ALM - Advanced Light Microscopy

Head: Paula Sampaio, Ph. D.


The Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) is the scientific research platform of i3S dedicated to state-of-the-art optical microscopy applications for biosciences. The applications available include multidimensional (6D) imaging of cells and tissues, high speed live cell microscopy, molecular analysis techniques, in vivo microscopy and high-content analysis. The ALM provides access to advanced light microscopy systems as fluorescence widefield and laser scanning confocal microscopes, training in equipment use, scientific advisement in experiment planning, consulting and collaboration in research projects, and outreach activities. The research facility have an open-access policy and the resources are available to the scientific community and industry.



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HEMS - Histology and Electron Microscopy

Head: Rui Fernandes, Ms.


The Histology and Electron Microscopy platform is focused on Electronic and Optical Microscopy. The Histopathology service, integrated into the platform, offers a full range of macroscopic and histopathology services, able to support research groups using animal models or human tissues in histopathology studies. The unit provides the equipment, technical support and guidelines to researchers looking for high-level electron and optical microscopy to tackle studies either of cells, tissues or material sciences, not only for i3S and the University of Porto but also for outside institutions, industry, and companies. The platform can help to define optimal experimental conditions for the research, while also taking part in the projects. Besides organizing training courses for researchers, Master’s and Ph.D. programs, the unit also offers internships for higher education students and engages in workshops and exhibitions for the general public in collaboration with the i3S Communication Unit.

The main application of the histology is to provide grossing, processing, embedding and sectioning, Special stains (monochromatic/polychromatic), histology image analysis, cryosectioning, optimization of immunohistochemistry and/or immunocytochemistry, tissue sections for DNA extraction.
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has been widely applied to characterize morphology, crystalline structure, and elemental information of several elements. The main application of a transmission electron microscope is to provide conventional ultrastructure, immunoelectron microscopy, negative and cytochemistry stains, Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS), Grossing &Processing & Embedding & Sectioning, Consultation in tissue analysis. 



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Biosciences Screening

Head: André Maia, Ph. D.


The Biosciences Screening i3S scientific platform provides to the internal and external scientific community and industry, state of the art instruments and competence to solve challenging (biological) questions with high throughput (HT) and high content (HC) technologies. Highly qualified scientists with expertise on project evaluation, assay, and development, liquid handling, automated microscopy, multimode microplate readers, image and data analysis, work with project teams to successfully run medium-to-high throughput screens. Examples are genetic and chemical screens for target and/or drug discovery. The platform facilitates access to genetic and compound screening libraries and is actively establishing collaborations in order to receive and expand its own libraries. Training is given to all the users, and regular courses/workshops are organized for the global scientific community.
Information generated using HT/HC is highly valuable to gain a deeper understanding of complex diseases, including cancer, neurology, immunology, and infectious diseases.



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Biosciences Screening:



IBMC - Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular

Rua do Alfredo Allen 208

4200-135 Porto




(+351) 22 0408800