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FCUL Microscopy Facility (FCULMF)

Head: Rui Malhó


FCUL Microscopy Facility (FCUL-MF) is a research and training infrastructure for microscopy and bioimaging. FCUL-MF function as a service provider and technical support hub on the stereo, widefield fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy as well as high throughput microscopy. It also supports its users in assay development, image analysis, and quantification techniques. FCUL-MF’s mission is to serve the research community in FCUL as well as to train FCUL’s student community. Hands-on courses in basic and advanced microscopy techniques and image analysis are held on a regular basis. FCUL-MF also provides specialized services for researchers outside FCUL and welcomes visits by schools and other educational establishments. The FCUL-MF is composed of two subunits, located at the FCUL Campus in Campo Grande (Lisbon):
- the C2 room (2.1.15), dedicated to image acquisition and morphological analysis using stereo, widefield, fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy;
- the C8 room (8.1.79), dedicated to high throughput screening microscopy using both widefield and confocal microscopy, live imaging, and FRET-FLIM experiments.



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FCUL Microscopy Facility

Faculdade de Ciências de Universidade de Lisboa

Campo Grande

Ed. C2, sala 2.1.15; Ed. C8, salas 8.1.71/79

1749-016 Lisboa