MICC-CNC – Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra

Head of the node: Luisa Cortes


The Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra, at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (MICC‐CNC), is an open infrastructure where users receive the support needed to carry out conventional and advanced imaging techniques, based on Light Microscopy. The MICC-CNC has a strong background on imaging methodologies dedicated to cellular biology and neuroscience, namely: intracellular calcium imaging, organelle dynamics, dendritic spine analysis, sholl analysis, single particle tracking with quantum-dots, protein dynamics, and stereology analysis. Moreover, the MICC-CNC has a strong background on laser microdissection on both mammalian and plant tissue.

MICC-CNC is a reference partner of Carl Zeiss initiative Microscopy Labs@location.



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Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

University of Coimbra

Rua Larga

Faculty of Medicine, Pólo I, 1st floor

3004-504 Coimbra




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