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Our aims:


a) Create an infrastructure to rationalize and maximize technical capabilities and resources in Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging in the domains of Biology, Biomedicine and Bioengineering at a national level

b) Support and foster an active collaboration between institutions, as well as provide services and competencies to the R&D community in Universities, Research institutes, companies and other private institutions, both national and international.

c) Constitute a synopsis of resources, equipment, algorithms and software for image processing/analysis, methodologies, knowledge, technological development and training in Advanced Microscopy and Bioimage, placed art the service of the national and international scientific and business community.

d) Promote scientific and technological development, and innovation in Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging, providing users with unique resources and competence, in an integrated manner.

e) Contribute to advanced training of human resources and their qualification in technological areas fundamental for R&D, supporting and promoting initiatives of formation and making available resources in articulation with com all institutional cosigners 

f) Serve the national  and international R&D community, assuming itself as an infrastructure of reference, internationally competitive.